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We strive to provide opportunities for every child through world languages.

Global Language Project (GLP) is an educational nonprofit that partners with public elementary schools to develop and grow world language programs that empower students to compete in a globalized world and workforce. We accomplish this by developing custom curriculum alongside educators to make a positive impact on student’s lives. GLP is based out of New York City, and we are proud to be the only nonprofit enabling language learning at elementary schools (nationwide).


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Elementary students who master a second language shine bright across the board.

Students show greater cognitive development in areas such as creativity and mental flexibility.

Los estudiantes muestran un mayor desarrollo cognitivo en áreas como la creatividad y la flexibilidad mental.


Children improve their self-concept by gaining a sense of cultural pluralism.

يُطور الاطفال من مفهوم معرفة الذات من خلال إحساسهم بالتعددية الثقافية



Students are more likely to attain fluency, which prepares them for today’s career market.


Chinese (Simplified)

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Meet Claire and Her Mom

Posted on: June 26, 2015

Claire is a great example of the profound effect that learning a world language can have on a child. Claire has been studying Arabic for three years through GLP. Recently, she and her family visited the White House in Washington D.C. While waiting in line to enter the White House, Claire started singing a song that she learned in Arabic class.

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