Curriculum Development

Elementary Curriculum

Global Language Project has developed a thematic, standards-aligned kindergarten to 5th grade curricula in Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. The curriculum is aligned to content and ACTFL standards, as well as the modes of communication. Our curriculum takes an immersion, play-based approach to engage young learners.

Global Language Project’s curriculum is led by the following learning philosophy:
  • Develop functional proficiency in a language other than English.
  • Emphasize speaking and comprehension.
  • Promote and cultivate awareness and appreciation of multilingual cultures.
  • Meet district, state, and national language-learning standards.
  • Increase overall cognitive skills.

Cultural Explorers

Our Cultural Explorers curriculum, available in both Spanish and Mandarin, is designed to engage cultural exploration with a focus on introductory language skills perfect for the after-school or summer camp environment.

Learn more about the scope and sequence of our curriculum on the following documents.

Spanish Curriculum
Scope and Sequence

Mandarin Curriculum
Scope and Sequence


Arabic Curriculum
Scope and Sequence

Sales of this curriculum provide an alternate source of revenue to fund world language programs in underserved communities.

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