Curriculum Development

What’s Special about the GLP Curriculum

– Organized to help students become more proficient in the language. Performance and proficiency targets are provided for each unit, but are adjustable for more advanced learners.
Thematic units use content as context for learning so students can connect their learning to the world and previous knowledge.
– Designed for use in a 90% or higher target language environment.
– All lessons are aligned to the World Readiness Standards for Language Learning and content standards from Common Core Math, Next Generation Science, and New York State Social Studies Standards.
Culture is weaved into every unit so that students can analyze practices, products, and perspectives of other cultures and themselves.
– Lessons integrate voice, choice, and lots of hands-on learning so that students can take ownership of the material.
Assessments help to measure student performance along the way.
Deep questioning and critical thinking skills are integrated along the way.

What’s Inside

Performance & Proficiency Targets

Vocabulary & Sentence Stem Lists

Content Standards & Material Lists




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