Arabic Curriculum

GLP Arabic Curriculum is a communicative and interactive, teacher created curriculum guaranteed to engage, empower, and educate students grades K to 5!


We currently offer our Arabic curriculum in Years 1 and 2, with years 3-5 coming soon! Each yearlong curriculum includes seven thematic units, along with detailed lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, and assessment tools.

Scope & Sequence

Any Arabic curriculum purchase also includes our Arabic Welcome Packet with helpful tips, classroom management flashcards, and typical activity and game flashcards for use throughout the year.


From Year 1, Unit 1: Family Member Bingo
All of our Arabic learning materials can be purchased and downloaded instantly for immediate use.

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Our curriculum has everything you need, from start to finish, to plan lessons, engage students, and assess progress.

Each year of curriculum includes:

  • 56 – 70 detailed lesson plans for a 45-minute class period
  • Over 25 worksheets, song charts, and game boards
  • Between 120 – 175 fashcards with pictures and words
  • Assessments aligned to the three modes of communication
  • Lesson activities aligned to ACTFL, Common Core Math, Next Generation Science, and New York State Social Studies Standards

Download a Free Sample Lesson

All of our thematic units include multiple supplemental activities and materials.

Check out some examples of activities below, and click to download the complete lesson!

Year 2, Unit 5: Food

Healthy Sorting Worksheet
Healthy or Unhealthy?

Make two columns on the board, one with the heading “صحي” (healthy) and one with unhealthy) with a big “x” across it to indicate “not healthy.” Choose a few( ”صحي“ image cards, and ask, “صحي أوغ صحي؟” Allow the students to call out the answer. Place the items under the appropriate heading as the students answer. Continue with all of the dairy items, beverage items and grain items.

Year 1, Unit 2: Khayameya

Arabesque Art Activity
Arabesque Patterns

Display the “Arabesque Artwork Worksheet”, or real objects if possible. Explain to the students that Arabesque art uses repeating patterns of shapes and colors. Choose a certain shape, and show the students how that shape repeats in a pattern. Point out that images of people and other living creatures are not used in this type of art. Describe some of the patterns simply, using the color and shape vocabulary that the students know. Invite some students to name shapes and colors they see in the patterns.

Year 2, Unit 2: School Life

Where is the Book? Worksheet
Where is the Book?

Pass out the Where Is the Book? Worksheet and colored pencils or crayons. For each line of the worksheet give directions such as: Draw a blue circle around the picture of the table. Draw a red circle around the picture of the book under the table.

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