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Our curriculum has everything you need, from start to finish, to plan lessons, engage students, and assess progress.

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All of our thematic units include multiple supplemental activities and materials.

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Year 1, Unit 4: Chinese New Year

Matching Game Animal Flashcards
What Animal Is It?
Year 1, Unit 5: Pets

Instructions for Origami Pets
Arts and Crafts: Origami Pets
Year 1, Unit 7: North China

Restaurant Dialogue Worksheet
What Do You Like to Eat/Drink?

Each year of curriculum includes:

  • 56 detailed lesson plans for a 45-minute class period
  • Over 60 worksheets, song charts, and game boards
  • Over 280 flashcards with pictures, characters, and pinyin
  • Assessments aligned to the three modes of communication
  • Lesson activities aligned to ACTFL, Common Core Math, Next Generation Science, and New York State Social Studies Standards

Curriculum Pricing:

  • $499.99 for a full year, $99.99 for individual units
  • Discounts for bulk orders available: please inquire with form below

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GLP Mandarin Curriculum is a communicative and interactive, teacher created curriculum guaranteed to engage, empower, and educate students grades K to 5!


We currently offer our Mandarin curriculum in Year 1, with Years 2-5 coming soon! Our yearlong curriculum includes seven thematic units, along with detailed lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, and assessment tools.

Scope & Sequence

Any Mandarin curriculum purchase also includes our Mandarin Welcome Packet with helpful tips, classroom management flashcards, and typical activity and game flashcards for use throughout the year. All of our curriculum files are available as downloadable PDFs.

From Year 1, Unit 1: Ten Little Friends Song Chart