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GLP Spanish Curriculum is a communicative and interactive, teacher-created curriculum guaranteed to engage, empower, and educate students grades K to 5!


We currently offer our Spanish curriculum in Years 1 through 5. Each yearlong curriculum includes seven thematic units, along with detailed lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, and assessment tools.

Scope & Sequence

Any Spanish curriculum purchase also includes our Spanish Welcome Packet with helpful tips, classroom management flashcards, and typical activity and game flashcards for use throughout the year.

From Year 4, Unit 4: Puerto Rico Board Game
All of our Spanish learning materials can be purchased and downloaded instantly for immediate use.

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Our curriculum has everything you need, from start to finish, to plan lessons, engage students, and assess progress.

Each year of curriculum includes:

  • 56 detailed lesson plans for a 45-minute class period
  • Over 60 worksheets, song charts, and game boards
  • Over 280 flashcards with pictures
  • Assessments aligned to the three modes of communication
  • Lesson activities aligned to ACTFL and content standards

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All of our thematic units include multiple supplemental activities and materials.

Check out some examples of activities below, and click to download the complete lesson!

Year 4, Unit 6:
Guatemala and the Maya

Mayan Hierarchy Activity Sheet
Quién Falta? 

Hold up image cards from the Mayan Hierarchy Supplemental, and describe each one a few times in different ways. Ask a few either/or questions when students start picking up on the new vocabulary. Then, line up the figures, alternate taking one away when students have their eyes closed, and ask: “¿Quién falta?”

Year 5, Unit 6:
Nutrition & Health

Food Recommendations Sheet
MiPlato and El Plato del Bien Comer 

Distribute copies of the Government Food Recommendations. Explain that MiPlato is a recommendation by the U.S. government about how to eat healthily, and that El Plato de Bien Comer is a recommendation by the Mexican government for the same purpose. Ask students if they have seen either plate before, then in small groups, have students use Venn diagrams to analyze the plates for similarities and differences.

Year 2, Unit 6:
My School

How I Go to School Worksheet
When And How Do You Arrive? 

Review time by discussing what time students arrive at and leave school. Ask questions, such as, do they leave right at the hour (“en punto”)? Or do they arrive at a specific time (“a eso de las X.”)? Distribute the How I Go to School Worksheet. Use a graph to record students’ responses, and summarize as a class.

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