Deepening Discourse Year 2

Program Information

Teachers who have completed Year 1 of our Deepening Discourse Teacher Training Series (and loved it!) are invited to participate in a second year of hands-on training.

Deepening Discourse Year 2 offers teachers the chance to further grow as leaders in their schools and communities. Teachers will work together to impact each others’ practice with targeted support from experts in the field of world language education. Teachers will come away from the series with the ability to make an impact on the profession of language teaching.

In Year 2, teachers will be working in small groups to do one of the following:

  • Produce a product
  • Discuss research/book and create a product based on it
  • Focus on strategic improvement of practice by watching videos from own classes and providing feedback to each other (based on pre-developed or decided rubric)

Teachers are expected to meet four times over the course of the school year with the goal of presenting their findings to the larger Year 1 cohort. There will also be opportunities for teachers to submit proposals to the LOTE Conference and ACTFL.

All teachers must submit a Supervisor Acknowledgment Form with their application.

Program Dates*

  • January 29: Whole Cohort Meeting
  • March 21: Webinar Presentation (4pm – 7pm)

*Individual groups must make arrangements to meet four times throughout the school year (in person or online) and submit notes to GLP.


All teachers who have completed Year 1 of training are guaranteed a spot in Year 2 once we receive their completed form.

There is a one-time registration fee of $275 for the entire year.

Opportunity for Credit

Participants in the course earn CTLE professional development credits valid in New York State. GLP is an approved CTLE Sponsor by NYSED.

Reserve Your Spot  Supervisor Form