Friends of GLP Circle

Increase Publicity and Understanding of Our Work and Programs

“Friends of GLP Circle” at Global Language Project (GLP) brings together a special group of dynamic individuals from diverse industries and backgrounds committed to giving time, talent and support to fundraise and promote GLP’s programs and initiatives. Members play a central role in championing GLP’s work and mission and serve as ambassadors and advocates. They are interested in promoting global citizenship through the study of languages, cultures, and geography for all students everywhere, regardless of their socio-economic level.

Join the Friends of GLP Circle

   Membership Benefits:

  1. Professional and social networking opportunities
  2. Entrepreneurial opportunity to help build/create a new entity from the ground up
  3. Invitations to corporate activities/engagements with our corporate partners
  4. Empower members with tools, resources, information to be effective board directors should they choose to consider joining GLP’s Board
  5. Provide members with resources and information to help schools and education providers overcome obstacles/barriers
  6. VIP access to GLP events such as My Dream Speaks and Language Matters Luncheons
  7. Opportunity to meet like-minded people
  8. Opportunity to give back and do good/volunteer