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Community Events

July 8th 
15th Annual Arab-American and North African Festival:The Network of Arab-American Professionals of NY (NAAP-NY) is hosting its 15th annual celebration of Arab and North African cultures on July 8th! Drop by NoHo for food, music, films, and cultural performances. There will also be a kid’s booth.

July 9th
Tanabata Festival: The Japan Society is hosting an interactive family event for Tanabata, the Japanese festival of stars! This event features a puppet show and Japanese doll and paper ornament-making activities for children.

July 9th
Bastille Day 2017: Bastille Day is one of biggest holidays in France, but lucky for us festivities extend all the way to New York. Visit 60th street on July 9th for French language and culture workshops, food, and performances.

July 15th
Hats Off to the Chef @ MOCA: Does your child like cooking? What about arts-and-crafts? Drop by MOCACREATE at the Museum of Chinese in America for a chef-themed crafts workshop on July 15th.

July 16th
2017 Rubin Block Party: The Rubin Museum, which showcases artwork from all across Asia, is hosting its annual Block Party this July featuring hands-on art and activities for all ages. You’ll get a chance to try some Himalayan snacks and food too!

July 28th30th
The 39th Annual Grand Mid-Summer Pow Wow 2017: Representatives from over 40 different Native American tribes will be congregating at the Queens County Farm Museum for a weekend of spectacular dance competitions open to the public! There will also be art, crafts, jewelry and food throughout.

Language Activities at Home

Did you do anything exciting for the Fourth of July? Many people have Fourth of July jiāoyóu 郊游 (picnics) or watch the breathtaking yānhuā 烟花 (fireworks) on the Hudson River while waving American qízhì 旗帜 (flags). Listen to the pronunciation of all these words and learn more Fourth of July vocabulary

Are you feeling feliz (happy) or triste (sad) today? How about emocionado (excited) or cansada (tired)? Learn more words to express your emotions in Spanish with this video.

There are 28 huruf حروف (letters) in the Arabic alphabet, two more than we have in English. Check out these free worksheet printables to help your child learn how to write the Arabic alphabet!


Last month, we were at the NYC Multicultural Festival making crafts!

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