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GLP strives to provide language and cultural resources to students and families in the New York City community through our monthly Students & Families newsletter.

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Cultural Events

November 6,12, and 15 | Shall We Tango (Tango Festival
Throughout November, there will be three opportunities to explore the world of tango, all for free! Prepare to show off your dance moves!

November 23 | Thanksgiving Day Parade
This annual parade will have entertainment from floats to marching bands to huge balloons of well-known cartoon characters! Don’t miss this event, as it is only once a year!

November 29 | Christmas Tree Lighting (Rockefeller Center)
Although it will still be November, start the winter celebrations early at Rockefeller Center and watch its Christmas tree light up with a sea of New Yorkers! Not only will the Christmas tree be lit, there will also be performances that can be viewd!

Language Activities at Home

Mandarin | Mandarin’s 音 yīn (tones) change the meaning of a word. For example, 糖 táng (character) means sugar, but 汤 tāng means soup. See if your 耳朵 Ěrduǒ (ears) can pick up tones through the podcasts provided on (this website).

Spanish | Weekends are a great time to to play juegos (games)! With these juegos en línea (online games) you can test your memoria (memory), learn new vocabulario (vocabulary), all while having fun!

Arabic | First refresh your أعداد ‘aedad (numbers) with this video.Then, play a game of اختبئ وابحث akhtabi wabhuth (hide-and-seek) Remember to cover your عيونeuyun (eyes)with your أيادي ‘ayadi (hands)!

This June, we were at the NYC Multicultural Festival making crafts!


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