Mimi Melkonian

Mimi Melkonian has been teaching Arabic Language and Culture at the High School Level for ten years. Currently she teaches at Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut. She actively presents workshops and lectures at national and international language conventions and symposiums about teaching and learning Arabic language and culture. In November, Ms. Melkonian will present again at the 2017 ACTFL Convention as she has done last year, and on December 15th she will present at the American University of Cairo in Egypt. Ms. Melkonian is a graduate of The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music in Lebanon with Honors and from The Polytechnic of North London in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing with distinction. She has been trained in the teaching of Arabic (K-12) as a foreign language in the U.S. at Georgetown University/ The George Washington University / Center for Applied Linguistics (NCLRC). Ms. Melkonian is an active member of the Near East Foundation, NECTFL, COLT, ACTFL, NYATC, GLP and Columbia Scholastics Press Association.