Our Results

Global Language Project consistently evaluates the effectiveness and success of its programs to ensure participants receive the best world language education possible.

We do this through annual Student Oral Proficiency Assessment (SOPA) testing as well as surveying and interviewing our students, parents, and school partners throughout the year on the impact of GLP’s programs on the student’s overall academic matriculation.


Our students say…


“I’m learning a lot in class.”


“I like when we have class.”


“I like how my teacher treats me when I need help.”

Parents say…


“We try to expose our child to other cultures mostly through books. We wish we could travel to different places to learn more, but having a class in school is a big advantage and helps them learn better and faster!”

“During our recent trip to Argentina, my daughter was able to communicate with her uncles and her niece who only speaks Spanish. That was priceless!”

“My son likes the Spanish homework. So do I.”

“It’s really fun when my daughter meets someone who speaks Mandarin and tries to converse with them.”

“I love that my daughter is learning Spanish. It would be great to have it 2-3 times a week. Languages will help them in school and in life.”

“I am really satisfied because now my daughter can mix the two languages without any problems and she translates with more confidence.”