Victoria Gilbert

gilbert-victoriaVictoria Gilbert, Ed.D. designed GLP’s pilot Spanish program, and is a believer in GLP’s mission to empower disadvantaged schoolchildren with foreign-language skills that will benefit their futures. Dr. Gilbert earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in the Curriculum & Teaching Department at Teachers College-Columbia University in 2005. A native speaker of Spanish and fluent speaker of French, she has taught Science and Foreign Languages for over 20 years at Saint David’s School in New York City.

As an art-history undergraduate major, Dr. Gilbert has always believed in the importance of understanding culture to bring understanding of a people and their world. Learning a language involves studying modes of communication, an understanding of the target culture, and making connections and comparisons across disciplines and communities until one understands others as well as oneself.

Dr. Gilbert considers herself lucky to have lived in Europe, South America and in the U.S. Having learned foreign languages at an early age, she once told her mom, “Mommy, do you know that if you speak more languages, you can make more friends?” Dr. Gilbert’s experiences throughout the years have proven that the knowledge of foreign languages is beneficial to all students, and that people can affect others positively when addressing people in their own language.