Customized Professional Development

Global Language Project works with schools in New York City and the surrounding areas to support world language and ELL teachers so that they can work more effectively with their students.

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Sample Workshops

World Language Teacher and Administrator Workshops
  • Achieving High Levels of Speaking Proficiency for Students
  • Songs, Chants, Games, and TPR: Engaging and Motivating Students in the Second Language Classroom
  • Backwards Planning in the Language Classroom
  • Integrating the Modes of Communication in the Language Classroom
  • Classroom Management in the Immersion Classroom
  • Differentiation for Heritage and Non-Native Speaking Students
  • Language Assessment and Anecdotal Notes
  • Integrated Performance Assessments for the Language Classroom
  • Integrating Content into the Language Classroom
ELL Teacher and Administrator Workshops
  • Best Practices for ELL Literacy Instruction
  • Language Strategies and Lesson Planning
  • Infusing Rigor, Student Engagement, and Relevance in the ELL Classroom
  • 21st Century Skills and the Implementation of Technology for ELL Students
  • Using NYSEFELT Data to Inform Future Work with ELL Students
  • Writing Skills for ELL Students From Novice to Advanced
  • Helping General Education Teachers and Content Teachers Effectively Utilize ELL Teachers
  • Integration of Science and Social Studies into Literacy Instruction for ELL Students